May Birthstone ~ Emerald

We are already into the first week of May. May is one of my favorite months packed with exciting events and holidays: The Kentucky Derby, Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day and Memorial Day. It kicks off the festivities of summer for me!

May babies are graced with one of Mother Nature’s most glorious gems. The emerald is one of the most popular gemstones and if the color/clarity is right, it can be more valuable than a diamond! The word “emerald” comes from the Persian name meaning “green gem” and is said that it was discovered by the Egyptians. Queen Cleopatra is also said to have loved her emerald gems the best and she wouldn’t be the only famous lady to have done so. Elizabeth Taylor was well known for her emeralds as well as Princess Kate and Angelina Jolie. Check out a few of these fabulous women donning their precious emeralds.

Emerald green has a very specific color that is being seen in even hair color today. The lush and rich tone of green can only be described as “emerald green.” Here is emerald green compared to other tones of green and I think all of us could probably pick out the famous color even if it wasn’t labeled. 

Our Etsy store has some gorgeous emerald pieces if you are in the market for this glorious gem. It is often given as an anniversary gift and has even been used in engagement rings. Just keep in mind that emeralds are not as hard as diamonds (nothing really is) and they need to be worn with care. 
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May Fun Facts:

~ The United Kingdom celebrates this month as National Smile Month

~ May Fourth is Star Wars Day “May the Fourth be with you”

~ May 2002 Spiderman was released and became the fastest movie ever to earn more than $100 million dollars in the box office

~ In May 1792 the New York Stock Exchange was formed

~ In May 2011 Oprah aired the final episode of her daytime show

~ No American president has ever died in the month of May, it is the only month with that distinction


Happy Spring and Happy Friday! Thank you for reading!

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