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There are many stages in life when you need and want to buy a piece of jewelry but just can't quite afford the sticker price. Whether you are a teenager wanting to give your girlfriend a promise ring, or a new mom just wanting something to make herself feel pretty, or one of our men folk who want to buy some new sparkle for their wives, or those who may have lost their wedding ring but really can't afford to replace it, we all know that life is just expensive and it is hard to squeeze in a jewelry purchase sometimes. Making end's meet and trying to still live a little and enjoy the fruits of your hard work is something most people struggle with. Our boutique understands that! Not only do we offer antique, vintage, and unique jewelry at a below retail price, we offer other ways for you to have a special keepsake without having to mortgage your house or spend all your kids' college funds. First off, I want to showcase a few of our many pieces we have to offer that are affordable, beautiful, and special. Towards the end of the blog this week I will go into detail about what our boutique offers to help get you that lovely piece that you have had your eye on.


Promise Rings:

We know there are guys out there who want something sweet to give their lady but still have some obstacles to jump over before going all out for the engagement ring. Maybe you still have to finish college, or you are waiting on that promotion, or you are working day and night to save for the BIG ring but still want to give your sweetheart a memento from your heart, we have you covered. This dainty, heart shaped, diamond ring is affordable and still is crafted from precious metal and untreated diamonds. Even though this may be the ring before the RING, it can and will be something that your girlfriend will always be able to cherish.


Check out our other promise ring options by clicking here. Let her know she has your heart by putting a heart on her finger. :o)


Just a little something new:

Whenever I want to spruce up my look or just want a new accessory that will really stand out and get noticed, I get new earrings. As a fashion diva I have fallen into the trap of buying those "wear two times and then they're green" earrings. I am always disappointed that not only did I waste my money on something not of value but then I'm still left wanting something new. With a pair of real gold earrings you will never have them turn colors, make your ears hurt, or have to throw them away. Gold earrings are the way to go! Hoops are my personal all time favorite. Not only are they classic and timeless but they virtually look good on any face shape, any hair length, and with any outfit. Check out a few of these….



Just because gift:

Back to our guys. If you are married you are probably aware that your wives still want jewelry! It's in our DNA (most of us anyway). New sparkle is always welcome! Here are a few options to surprise her with. Trust me, she will absolutely love to get a small, wrapped jewelry box with a gorgeous piece that you picked out!





Replacing a wedding set or band:

Your worst fear happens….you lose the ring that your love got down on one knee and asked for forever with. It's horrible and shocking and will take time to get over. If you have searched and searched but to no avail, we are here to help. We may not be able to give you back that sentimental value of your original ring but we can help you pick something affordable that will be part of new memories with you and your spouse. Check out a few of these bridal sets and bands that we have to offer:



Now as promised, I want to tell you about some other exciting ways that Oaks Boutique has made it affordable for you to get the pieces you love. Right now we are offering 20% off of our already amazing prices just for you visiting our website and reading our blog!!! Just use the code: SPARKLE at checkout to receive your discount. But that's not all!!! We offer FEE FREE LAYAWAY~ This free payment plan can help you spread out payments without the added fees of credit cards or finance charges. We are even offering FREE Priority shipping and FREE upgraded gift wrapping for all of our layaway clients. If you see something that you love in our store please do not hesitate to message us directly to get details about our awesome layaway. We would love to work with you!!!


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