Purchasing and Loans

Purchasing Items Gainesville Florida

Here at Oaks Jewelry, we have made a name for ourselves as Gainesville’s leading company of providing services for purchasing and loans. With over 35 years of experience, we have a natural love for purchasing jewelry and learning all the rich history of each piece.

With our position as a strong seller of estate jewelry, we will be able to offer you the highest price for your estate pieces and will pay you the entire amount at the time your decision to sell is made.

When looking to sell your jewelry you can call (352) 332-7529 for an appointment, schedule online, or simply stop by any time.

Once your appointment is made you’ll then meet with one of our expert jewelers who will evaluate your pieces. During the evaluation you’ll be present the entire time and able to ask as many questions and express any concerns you may have.

Consider if you’d like to sell or not with no pressure. You are not obligated to make any sales decisions during your appointment.

Once you make your decision our jewelry experts will provide an immediate offer to purchase any items you would like to sell.

With decades of experience selling and buying jewelry, you can feel confident that you will receive the best price for the pieces you sell.


Collateral Loans Gainesville Florida

 Our luxury item collateral loans are against fine watches, diamonds, jewelry, and other luxury items. By focusing on these items we are able to provide you with the best offer possible while also providing the utmost care to your precious jewelry. These kinds of collateral loans are a quick and easy way to obtain short-term, emergency cash when it’s needed most.

How does it work?

When you bring in your item(s) we will evaluate each piece and determine the amount we can provide to you. Once the price agreed on by both parties the deal will be finalized and within 30 minutes you'll be walking out with cash. There are no credit checks, monthly payments, or closing cost. We've streamlined the experience to make it as easy as possible to receive a cash loan and help you get on with life.

Our luxury short term loans are a great collateral loan that is a short term pledge of personal property in exchange for money with the promise to repay the money plus a service fee in the form of interest.

The initial loan period is 30 days and can be extended to any time frame that is needed. Our interest rates are also flexible and we are willing to work with you one-on-one to make sure we can give you the best rates.

If you're in need of some extra cash for whatever life is throwing at you right now, we're here to help you with our purchasing and loans service. Visit us here at Oaks Jewelry with your fine watches, diamonds, jewelry, and other luxury items and we'll be happy to help you get through this time.

Due to needing to see each item we buy or use for a collateral loan, we cannot take items over our online store. Our purchasing and loan service is for our local community here in Gainesville, FL and neighboring communities. Please stop by our Newberry location to learn more.


Purchasing and Loans Gainesville, Florida

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