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Loose diamondsOaks Jewelry maintains a large GIA Certified diamond inventory - as well as a multitude of engagement rings, mountings, wedding bands, earrings, pendants, colored gemstones, and pearls! With unparalleled standards for selection, value, guidance, and service, we are proud to transform the way you buy diamonds and fine jewelry!

Bridal and Wedding Jewelry

As Seen on The KnotOaks Jewelry is your full-service jeweler for vintage, new, or custom engagement rings and wedding bands. Visit our showroom today to meet our GIA educated jewelery consultants who can help you navigate the 4Cs with ease.

Show your wedding party how much you appreciate their support with personalized jewelry, cufflinks, or engraved keepsakes that are as special as they are.

Oaks Jewelry - when it has to be perfect.

Custom Jewelry

Custom Jewelry

At Oaks Jewelry, we make sure every customer feels special by giving them exactly what they want, every time. We can see your creative vision through to completion, even if you are starting with a sketch or simply an idea.


Your jewelry is treasured to you - you love it, value it. But along with the emotional value, it does have a monetary value as well. You may have inherited jewelry or watches or received them as gifts, so you are unsure of their current worth. If you want to insure your jewelry and watches, you need to know what they’re worth (and not just to you). A jewelry or watch appraisal will answer these questions.

At Oaks Jewelry, we offer appraisals so you can confirm the value of your jewelry and get documentation. Our certified gemologist or appraisal expert will inspect your jewelry, diamonds, and gemstones. Bring documentation such as sales slips, diamond or gemstone grading reports, and warranties if you have them.

Estate Jewelry

Estate planning can be tricky, but with Oaks Jewelry you can rest easy knowing we have your best interest at heart. We offer Jewelry Estate Liquidation Services should you ever feel the need to transfer your physical assets to cash.

Full-Service Jewelry Repair

Jewelry sizing and repair

Unfortunately, one size doesn’t fit all. Fingers, wrists, and necks all come in different sizes. When buying jewelry for ourselves or as a gift, it’s important to know what size you need. Oaks Jewelry is happy to provide sizing tools and tips to make size selection easier, as well as sizing services and repairs for your jewelry needs.

Collateral Loans

A short-term collateral loan can make life's unexpected expenses easier to resolve. Oaks Jewelry offers instant cash loans that are secured by your estate jewelry. Our short-term loans are fast and convenient. The initial loan period is 30 days and can be extended to any time frame that is needed. Our interest rates are flexible. Please call us or walk in to discuss the loan that's right for you.