Gemstones are also a girl's best friend

All of us have heard the saying that "diamonds are a girl's best friend." I cannot disagree with this.  I picture diamonds as your long term, faithful, there to bring you soup when you're sick, and there to host your bridal shower, type of best friend. Whereas gemstones are your fiery, out spoken, show up at your door with tickets to Vegas, life of the party, type of best friend. Let's just say that a girl needs both! Gemstones can light up a room, can convey emotion with their depth of color, and can add a splash of luminosity to make an outfit memorable. Personally, colored stones tie in with seasons of the year too. Nothing says spring time and Easter like a gorgeous Amethyst. Fourth of July calls for hot dogs, fireworks and rubies! When the air starts to turn to a slight chill, pumpkin pie is in the oven, and golden Citrine can warm your heart. When Christmas morning comes and it's time to head over to your in-laws' house, pull out those emerald earrings, and cozy red sweater! Gemstones are fun and versatile! You can even play around with complimenting color palettes too. For example, blue sapphire looks regal paired with a burgundy dress, sunny topaz looks great worn as a neutral with any leopard print accessories, and emeralds go with anything of course. Gemstones have been referred to as "precious" for centuries even dating back to the Bible. This endearing title is due to the amazing fact that mother nature created these organic beauties that are eye candy for us mere mortals. If you have not ventured out to color please let us be the first to encourage you to take that leap. Spice up your jewelry wardrobe with a colorful new best friend. You won't regret it! 
Take a look at a few of my favorite gemstone pieces in our boutique and let us know if you are searching for something in particular...we would love to help you find it! 

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