Jewelry Fit for a Leo

July 23rd ~ August 22nd marks the dates for our warm, action –oriented and driven Leo loves. Here is a list of some gorgeous jewelry fit for your favorite Leo, whether that be yourself, your sweetheart, mom or new August baby here are a few ideas to make this year super special!


Leos are kind and big- hearted:


I’m choosing these two beautiful heart pendants that have a twist over the ordinary heart necklace. These two are fit for a Leo who showers love and affection.




I also love these hoops with a heart shape that are still subtle and classy.




Leos are energetic:


Since they are ruled by the sun, the infinite source of energy, they are fiery and exude energy. I love these bright citrine stud earrings and ring.




Leos are optimistic:


They often see the glass half full and don’t get easily disheartened by challenges that come their way. Since Leos seem to come out on top of difficult situations and thrive while doing it, I chose these large statement rings to showcase their determination and positive vibes.




Leos are loyal:


Leos fiercely love and are loyal to the end. I think of diamonds for longevity and timeless, forever love. These diamond pieces are perfect for your faithful, dependable, reliable Leo.




Leos are dominant and head-strong:


I think of a girl boss in a black power suit, so I picked some stunning black diamonds for this Leo trait.




Leos can be impatient:


This is often a hard trait to possess (speaking from experience) so I would pair a pearl for that trait. Pearls take time to develop and grow. Pearls, like most good things in life, are worth the wait.




What are your favorite Leo traits? Thank you for reading and Happy Friday!


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