Jewelry Fit for a Virgo

Last month we did a post of jewelry fit for a Leo, we wanted to give our Virgo ladies the same sparkling treatment. Take a look at some of the jewelry that I have dedicated to fit the personalities of our perfectionist and streamlined Virgo babes.


Virgos are perfectionist ~


What could be better for a perfectionist that a solitaire pendant, stud earring, or a gemstone statement ring. These seemingly simple designs will speak to the perfectionism of a Virgo because they go with everything, are a perfect elegant design, and will never go out of style.




Virgos like anything streamlined and systematic ~


When I think of “streamlined” in jewelry, my mind goes to anything with channel set stones. The channel set band or bracelet has a clean, straight forward design that will speak to this trait in our Virgo loves.




Virgos have a warmth about them that is very endearing ~


When I think of warmth, I definitely think of this time of year which is amazing how the stars align it this way. I think of pumpkins and campfires, cozy blankets and snuggly warm cocoa. These colors  manifest themselves to me in these gemstone pieces.




Virgos can be a little uptight at times ~

To counter act this trait, I think every once in awhile, a Virgo should break out of their shell and go for a freeform, fun, whimsical piece of jewelry like one of these. It’ll be a reminder to not take life too seriously and enjoy the moment.




Virgos are wise and intelligent ~


Wisdom and knowledge make me think of something that has withstood the test of time, like a vintage heirloom. Check out these pieces…




What are your favorite Virgo traits? 

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