Jewelry March Madness Bracket

Happy Kick off Week of Non-Stop Basketball. Every year my hubby and I fill out our March Madness brackets and cheer on our teams. The fun thing about watching basketball this time of year is that on any given night, any team can win (even though a 16 seed has never beat a 1 seed). This year I picked Kansas to win it all! Who did you pick to win or is your bracket already busted like my brother’s?


In honor of this week, I made a jewelry bracket that I think you all will get a kick out of. You will see that I have a few surprising upsets (such as in basketball). The gemstone ring beats out the hoop earrings and the bangle bracelet beats out the traditional diamond band. My bracket winner is the vintage keepsake! I would love to hear your thoughts and analysis on my bracket predictions. Happy March Madness!!!


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