"Minimalistic" style is the wave of the future

You have surely noticed that the new up and coming trend is to minimize, downsize, keep things simple, etc. You turn on HGTV and the rage is "tiny living." Couples that are wanting to live in a smaller, simpler home to leave room for vacations, memories, and ultimately FREEDOM! But, becoming a minimalist does not mean becoming boring…


One of the greatest minimal dressers in Hollywood is Jennifer Aniston. She is always timeless and classy. When you pull up a photo of her from ten years ago she is not donning some ugly, trendy nonsense from a decade ago.  She is forever classy. Jennifer chooses to keep to the basics. Basics that include simple primary color tops, tailored second-skin jeans, the iconic little black dress, and typically traditional pump heels. 


One of the up sides to being a minimalist is that you do not have to always feel like you're trying to "keep up with the Jones's" (or Kardashians). You are not forever shopping the latest trends and leaving your bank account trending down. There is great value in spending a little more on one piece that is timeless and elegant versus spending three times as much on trendy clothes that will only last one season.


When it comes to jewelry there is also a minimal style that has always been around but is now starting to come to the front face of fashion. Minimal jewelry! One of my personal favorites. I have long taken this jewelry "high road" and have stopped buying fly by night costume jewelry to fit the latest trend and have opted to select one piece crafted from noble metal that I can wear for years. For instance, I have had a polished white gold band for over a decade. I have worn this piece as a thumb ring, on a necklace, and sized it down to wear as a pinky ring. This one ring has been with me and been a part of my travels for over ten years. I wore it around my neck on a long chain while I was white water rafting in Australia. It was my thumb ring the day I went on my first date with my husband. I used it as a wedding band when I went to a third world county to do some rebuilding. And there were so many adventures in between. This one simple polished ring will always be a staple in my jewelry wardrobe. It will never go out of style, never tarnish, never get old (because noble metals are ageless), and never get thrown out because of the actual value and sentimental value to me.

Picking a minimal piece is fun and easy. Choose something that compliments your individual style. Our boho lovelies may like a polished thumb ring, our hipster buddies may want a long rope chain, our fashionistas may want a pair of everyday hoops, and our modern beauties may want a pair of sparkling diamond studs. Minimal style means that you commit to your own style and you stick with it. Pick a statement piece that is true to you and your lifestyle. When you are true to you…that is the first step of a new found freedom!



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