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Last weekend was the event of the summer! The Royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was epic. The dress, the ceremony, the after party, the jewelry and the guest list. The Royals have always had a huge following. We love their style, their grace, and their fashion. I’m obsessed with their jewelry. Did you know that our boutique offers tons of Royal inspired pieces? We don’t believe in “Replica jewelry” because every piece of jewelry should be special and speak to you. But, we do offer similar styles, luxurious gemstones, and pieces fit for a princess. Check out these…


Meghan Markle’s three stone engagement ring: 


This elegant and classic beauty has an elegance that is timeless for any lady. We have quite a few similar styles with different cuts of diamonds based on your desires. These two are my favorites:




Princess Kate’s leaf brooch: 


What a gorgeous piece! It looks lovely on a blazer or coat. Brooches are often thought of as old fashioned but we love that Princess Kate has brought them back with a modern twist. Look at this similar beauty that we have:


Meghan’s wedding earrings: 


Her simple and minimal diamond stud earrings were amazing! They had a delicate halo of open filigree work that are so similar to these antique beauties that we just listed in our boutique.



Princess Kate’s engagement ring: 


Of course we have to mention the stunning blue sapphire engagement ring that our beloved Princess Diana wore and now Princess Kate wears. This blue sapphire and diamond halo stunner is an excellent choice for an engagement ring for your princess. Blue complements a wide range of colors and is fit for royalty. Check out our gorgeous options for this style:





Our boutique really does have it all but if you want to create something special, we can help with that too! Message us directly to get started on your crown jewel collection! Happy Friday!

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