The Diamond Tennis Bracelet

There is quite an extensive and sentimental history behind the glorious eye candy that is the tennis bracelet.

Before getting to the story behind the iconic name, I want you to explore with me the legacy that the diamond bracelet has had and continues to be a part of. Before the name "tennis bracelet", the bracelet was called an "eternity bracelet". "Eternity" representing the style of setting the diamonds (and gemstones) all the way around the bracelet for a continuous display of sparkle from every angle no matter how your wrist moves. If you think back to every leading lady in Hollywood back in the glory days of black and white film, it is undeniable that the style back then was a fabulous dress with some kind of diamond bracelet or even a full stack of many bracelets together.


When you glance through photos of the elegant British royal ladies you also notice that their wrists are often decked out with diamond bracelets to compliment their other fabulous gems and tiaras.


Fast forward to today's red carpet, you see the stars not leaving their stylists without some kind of diamond/gemstone tennis bracelet as their finishing accessory.


For me personally, I think of anniversaries, or "push presents" (a gift given to a new mother after her child is born), and special occasions in which diamond bracelets make their appearance. A diamond bracelet for a wedding day gift from a mother and father to their little girl, a graduation gift celebrating dedication to a better future, and through tearful eyes opening a bracelet box after a 30 year beautiful marriage, these are just a few times that bracelets can commemorate an occasion. Diamond bracelets are the types of gifts that mark milestones and forever leave the receiver with a special memory attached to a piece of jewelry.


Now on to the story behind the name…

Famous tennis player, Chris Evert, stopped the US Open in 1987 because her diamond bracelet had come off. A girl after my own heart! Missing diamonds always take priority over everything else! So thus the name. After that event, which the whole world was watching, the diamond "tennis" bracelet became all the rage. Ladies started even wearing diamond bracelets with their jeans and t-shirts or sportswear. With the traditional slip in catch and fold over safety clasp of most tennis bracelets, wearing them is very secure for virtually any time and any activity. They should be worn and enjoyed. Now that time has gone by, the diamond bracelet hasn't really ever gone out of style as far as I am concerned. There are some classic styles that have a touch of a retro feel, such as the common "S" link diamond tennis bracelet. Some folks may not dig the retro vibe, but based off of the Project Runway All Stars finale, retro is back with a vengeance. But, the diamond tennis bracelet comes in different forms and different styles to compliment a variety of taste. Our store has a huge selection of both diamond and colorful gemstone tennis bracelets. If you have an upcoming holiday that you would like to gift a bracelet, we would be happy to help with options that can fit the occasion (think colorful birthstones, anniversary years that have special gemstones, etc). And you never have to stop at just one. "I have too much jewelry" -Said no woman ever :-)

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