2018 Jewelry Trends

As we approach the end of 2017 and look forward to the New Year, I want to give you a run down of my jewelry trends predictions.


The three stone engagement ring


Prince Harry has selected his princess with the lovely Meghan Markle and chose an elegant three stone engagement ring to slip on her finger.

The three stone engagement ring has a meaningful significance behind the classic look. The middle diamond is meant to stand for your present, the two side diamonds are your past and future. The symbolism is to be unique to you and your love! Other couples have said that it stands for friendship, love, and fidelity. No matter what your story or journey is, it should be celebrated! 

Here are a few selections of the variety of three stone engagement rings we have to offer in our boutique.









Classic white pearls


My favorite Instagramer Alyson Haley wears her large white pearls studs on repeat and I love how they just go with everything.


If you are going to spend your Christmas money on a gift for yourself this would be my pick. Pearl studs are elegant and forever classy. You’ll have every occasion covered and they will never get old. Check out a few of these…




Sterling Silver


We saw gold make a HUGE come back the last few years in fashion. I predict that this year will be a year of silver. Stack-able bracelets, link necklaces, the southwestern look and beyond. Check out our selection of sterling silver by clicking here, and check out some of my personal favorites below. 






I follow a lot of fashion bloggers on social media and I am still seeing a pull towards neutrals and predict that they will be trickling into next year. “Neutral” leaves a lot to personal interpretation. To me it means white, brown, tan, and diamonds (the ultimate neutral!). Here are a few of my picks from our boutique.





Minimal and Polished


I think that the minimal trend is here to stay awhile. Whether that is a pair of diamond studs, simple hoop earrings, a polished band for a thumb ring, or a delicate chain. These go to pieces are easy to wear and blend well into any personal style.


Have a happy and safe New Year! See you next week!


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