All about Cocktail Rings and why you NEED one!

First off let us discuss where cocktail rings originated from and the attitude behind them. Cocktail rings derived their name from the elegant, high class ladies during the Prohibition period that wanted to bring attention to their drink of choice during cocktail hour. What better way to get attention than to wear something sparkly on one of the fingers of your drink-holding hand? Drinking at home during the Prohibition period was reserved for the highest class where it was a celebrated event during the day. Almost a form of rebellion during that time, the cocktail hour was an expression of freedom and an expression of one's self. Women of course wanted to bring attention to the fact that they too were partaking in this ritual. To bring attention to their glass, they would opt for a large, exquisite ring. So the term "cocktail ring" was birthed. Now whether you like a spiked beverage at five o'clock or not, anyone can appreciate the fact that women were coming into their own, expressing themselves, enjoying their freedom, and being fabulous as well. Because women were making a statement, the cocktail ring was, and still is, referred to as a statement ring as well.


So why should today's woman need a cocktail or statement ring? Well, because you are a woman and you deserve to put your stamp on this world in your own way. When watching TV I love seeing women express themselves with style. Princess Kate is fortunate enough to make a statement everyday with her brilliant oval sapphire and diamond halo engagement ring that was gifted to her by her sweet Prince William. Angelia Jolie has been photographed many times with her signature emerald earrings. And of course, Audrey Hepburn was known for her iconic pearl necklace. I have to admit that based on certain occasions I will copy some of these "statement" pieces but nothing feels more like "ME" than wearing a large, gemstone ring that my father made for me. Have you found the piece that makes you feel like YOU? The cocktail ring that features your favorite color gemstone, or the necklace that has a special meaning that you want to wear close to your heart, or maybe it's a pair of earrings that you wear only when you need Lady Luck to smile at you. Cocktail rings or statement pieces can be anything you want to make of them. They originated from women being themselves and expressing their freedom. Jewelry is always meant to be an extension of you. Styles come and go, but a good statement piece that represents you will never go out of style! Let us help you find your very own cocktail ring, it's perfect for date nights, girls nights, moms night out, and every night in between!


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