All About GIA and Why It Matters

GIA stands for the Gemological Institute of America. Since 1931, GIA has been the world’s authority on diamonds, gemstones, and pearls. They are a nonprofit, educational source of knowledge and standards on all things precious gems and diamonds. The GIA lab report provides assurance that your diamond/gemstone is graded by only the best of the best gemologists in the industry. The report also plots out what is unique and special about your stone.


This is what a report looks like for a diamond.



You are provided with the 4 C’s of course, as well as the precise measurements, carat weight, clarity characteristic and more. This report is assigned a special report number that is often inscribed on the girdle of the diamond.



With a GIA report in hand, you can be confident that your stone is what the report says it is. The graduate gemologist and jewelry professionals are trained through extensive practice in labs and are provided an on-going knowledge base through manuals and hands-on experience. All graduates are on the same page due to the unbiased integrity and accuracy of every grading report.


GIA also offers reports on colored gemstones too. Here is what one of those looks like.




Not every diamond or gemstone has to have a GIA report for you to be sure of what you are buying. Our boutique has many GIA trained Jewelry Professionals that look at every piece that is for sale in our brick and mortar store and online. You can be certain that the same high standards that are applied with the seal of a GIA report are attached to each piece we have to offer.


As you will see, our pieces have a breakdown of all the gemstone and diamond specifics for each piece. The gold weight is given, the piece’s condition is described, and any treatment/inclusion/imperfection of a diamond or gemstone is listed as well.



Our goal is for you to be able to shop with confidence each and every time you have a jewelry need. You have us ~ GIA trained and a trusted name in the jewelry industry.  



For more information about GIA check out their website here.

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