Black Friday Sale: Sleep in and Shop Later

Black Friday Jewelry Sale

When it comes to the blur and whirlwind between Thanksgiving evening and Black Friday Sale morning, it’s like the 24-hour clock doesn’t matter. Stores are starting earlier and earlier, seeping into your family time and Christmas decorating time on Thanksgiving evening. You don’t want to miss out, you don’t want to miss a great deal and yet the stress of getting there early or staying up late can take the joy and fun out of shopping. If this sounds accurate and familiar let me assure you that there is a solution. Let’s talk about a sleep in sale that you won’t miss even if you enjoy all the festivities of Thanksgiving, decorate the whole night, enjoy family time, and sleep until 11 am on Friday!


Sleep in Black Friday Sale Details

 Models wearing diamond jewelry at Oaks Jewelry in Gainesville, FL

Our Sleep In Sale starts on Black Friday at 11:00 am. You don’t have to get there any earlier to get the best deals, 11:00 am is the official start. The sale runs until 5:30 pm. There are plenty of great deals to be had and you won’t miss out.  You can even stop by our showroom in your comfiest clothes as we will also be sleeping in and arriving in style in our sleek sleepwear. Of course, you can shop our amazing deals online as well. Have another cup of coffee and cozy up with to see all the spectacular deals.


What to shop



 Emerald Jewelry For Sale

We have gemstone pieces in every color of the rainbow. Gemstones in any kind of statement piece are a big hit. One of the most popular picks for the holidays is right-hand rings with a colorful faceted gemstone center. There are so many eye-candy gemstone rings to pick from. Some are showcased with diamond accents and halos, some are more streamline and simple with just a solitaire setting. Whatever you fancy, we have the gemstone piece to suit you or the special person on your nice list! Click here for a sneak peek.



 Pearl Earrings For Sale

Always a top choice on the ladies’ wish list is earrings. Earrings are an easy win and we have tons to choose from. From simple studs to elaborate statement chandeliers, if this is what you are looking for the deals on earrings will have you adding several pairs at checkout. Click here to check out some beautiful earrings now.


Engagement and Bridal:

 Engagement Ring and Bridal Set For Sale

The category is full of stellar deals in our store but especially on Black Friday. If your special moment is around the corner, shop our extensive bridal selection and find the absolute perfect ring. You can even shop our bridal selection for a new upgrade to your current wedding or bridal set. Men also love an upgrade. The men’s selection will blow you away with the deals and the selection. Looking for dainty, vintage-inspired bands to achieve the stacked band look, you can find these in our bridal section too. These types of rings come in white gold, yellow gold and rose gold.


 More Black Friday Sale Fun:

 Black Friday promo using models and jewelry in Gainesville, FL

Enjoy your Thanksgiving day and evening! Don’t worry about setting that alarm and don’t worry about missing out on amazing deals on the best gifts of the season (aka jewelry…jewelry is always the best gift!). Meet us at Oaks Jewelry at 11 am, we’re sleeping in too and coming to work in our comfiest PJs so come join the party. We look forward to seeing you there!

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