Blog Challenge #11: What are your 15 Favorite things?

Hello there!

This week’s blog prompt is one of my favorites. I’ve done a favorites list before so I will adjust this one a bit and give you my current favorite obsessions. Enjoy!

  1. Amazon Prime
    I know I’m probably a little late to the game but Amazon Prime is a life changer! But buyers and shoppers beware. You order things and they are delivered to your door in 2 days. Need I say more?!? If you are a new mom, workaholic, busy busy bee…you need to sign up now!

  2. Pumpkin Patch Family Photos
    My little family of three will be getting our pumpkin patch photo next week and these pictures are my inspiration…hoping that I get my little 11 week old to smile or at least be awake.

    Pumpkin patch family photo

  3. Honey/Lemon Hot Water
    So I’ve been fighting off my traditional change of the season cold and this little remedy is so amazing. The lemon is a natural cleanser and the honey soothes a sore throat and battles against a nagging cough. I’m still drinking my little “cocktail” after 2 weeks and I think I’m hooked!

  4. NFL RedZone
    Ok, so I do love college football (I’m a born and raised Gainesville, FL girl, so the GATORs are my guys!) but I’m not really into professional football. However, my hubby is all about it. So we recently added NFL RedZone to our cable package and I’m impressed. It’s a new way to watch football. Instead of switching channels and watching tons of games at once, Redzone only shows you the teams that are close to scoring. It’s more exciting! AND…at the end of the l-o-n-g day of football they have the “Touchdown Montague” that shows every touchdown from every game! It’s fun!

  5. Jaclyn Hill Eye-shadow Palette
    Just look at these colors, GORGEOUS! Also, there are so many YouTube tutorials circling around with hundreds of ways to apply these colors. Click here to check out one from Tati.

    Jaclyn Hill Eyeshadow Palette

  6. L’Oréal Infallible Lipstick in the color “Milk and Cookies”
    This shade is perfect for fall! I’ll be wearing it in my pumpkin patch photos!

    L’Oréal Infallible Lipstick in the color “Milk and Cookies”

  7. 90 Day Fiancé on TLC
    This show has me hooked! The couples that travel the world for their true love and get engaged the first time they meet in person and get married within 90 days of getting back to the US. It’s great TV!

  8. Austin Texas Coffee Houses
    Austin knows how to do coffee and it seems that every coffee shop has cute photo opps too!

    Austin Coffee House photo opp

  9. Rubies
    My son was born in July and out of ALLLLLL my jewelry, I do not have any rubies (the birthstone for July). Which one of these do I need for my collection? Click here to have a closer look or to buy before I can get my hands on them. ;o)

    Ruby and diamond necklace  Ruby and diamond pendant    Ruby and diamond ring

  10. Over the knee boots
    My favorite Instagramer, Alyson Haley, has been posting pics of “over the knee” boots and I need some. I actually had some years ago but got rid of them thinking they were out of style. Sorry hubby….from now on, I am keeping everything!!!

  11. Gourd Painting
    This is just good fall fun. Check out these Pinterest ones…


  12. Lime Lush Boutique
    I’ve been adding outfits from this boutique to my online shopping cart for weeks. I want to order from them so bad. Does anyone have good/bad reviews to share? All their outfits and clothes are SO cute!

  13. Charlotte Russe Ankle Boots
    I know that this store has very inexpensive things but their booties are great quality. I bought a pair last year for fall and even wore them through snowy days in Indiana and they are still in great shape for this year. Today they are having a 50% off sale. These are the pairs I am ordering…

    Charlotte Russe Ankle Boots  Charlotte Russe Ankle Boots

  14. Ruffle Tops
    Anything with ruffles makes me smile. I love these tops from Nordstrom!

    Ruffle tops from Nordstrom  Ruffle tops from Nordstrom  Ruffle tops from Nordstrom

  15. Pot Roast
    I made this recipe last night and OH MY GOODNESS it was amazing. So simple and quick but a great finished product!

    Pot roast recipe

Hope you enjoyed this post! Happy Friday and next week is: What’s in your fridge?

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