Blog Challenge #16: What is on your bucket list?

I made a bucket list when I was younger. I was part of a youth girls group and when we graduated high school our leader had us write out a “bucket list”. She held onto it for five years and mailed it to us for us to see what changed or what we had accomplished. A few of mine I can check of the list now…


  • Marry my true love and best friend

This one is cheesy but is quite an accomplishment. In a big world of people, finding THE ONE is a miracle in itself.


  • Visit Paris

I remember writing this down as a young, bright eyed, teenager thinking that it would probably never happen. But it did!!!



  • Own a sports car

I did this twice! I bought a white corvette and then a white challenger. Those days were fun and I marked them off the list. But, this fast crazy driver has precious cargo now. My little one is safely travelling in a white Jeep now.


  • Go to a Notre Dame football game

This one is so funny to me because when I wrote this I had no idea that my future husband would not only be from Indiana but a graduate of Notre Dame. I did go to many Notre Dame games and it was just as amazing and fun as I thought it would be. Here is a pic of me and the iconic “Touchdown Jesus”:


  • Own a house

This one makes me smile because as a teenager this seemed like such a big feat and it is! Not everyone gets to have a home of their own and I have been blessed to call a few different places home. The house I had in Indiana was my favorite. It had lots of personality and character.



  • Be a mom

This one took me over a decade to accomplish but it was worth the wait. My sweet boy arrived this summer and life will never be the same!


  • Work in the jewelry industry

My parents were in the jewelry industry my whole life and I have always loved it! I hoped that I could somehow manage to keep my first love of jewelry no matter where life took me. I have been blessed to work with sparkling things for most of my career. Even though I ventured off to work a corporate job, my passion for jewelry lead me back to where I am now and I am so happy!


I have created a new bucket list for my older self and hope to be able to check things off like I did with my adolescent one. What are some things that you have marked off?


Next week’s blog challenge is: What is your most proud moment?

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