Blog Challenge #17: What is your most proud moment?

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To narrow down my most proud moment would be difficult. I have several and they all have to do with family. My family has always been my center focus. Life isn’t as sweet without having the ones you love around you. Here are a few of my most proud moments:


#1 Being my daddy’s daughter



I am my mother’s daughter as well, of course. But when I lost my dad over a decade ago, I become more and more proud of being his daughter every day. When I recognize his traits in myself or have a sweet memory come to mind out of nowhere, I realize how proud I am to be my daddy’s daughter. My dad was special (as all dads are in their daughter’s eyes). He had a keen since of style, could do anything he set his mind too, and always knew the right way to handle difficult situations. My most proud moments are when I wear one of his pieces that he crafted and have someone compliment it. I am so so proud to say that my dad made it!




#2 Being my husband’s wife


My husband makes me a better woman. From day one he has made me feel special, valued, and beautiful. There was an event that we went to together early on in our marriage. My husband was a guest speaker and one of the questions for him was what his greatest accomplishment was. The person prefaced the question with, “out of all your published articles, graduating law school from Notre Dame with honors, clerking for several federal judges, teaching law classes in France….what has been your greatest accomplishment?” My husband responded without a moment’s pause and said, “marrying my wife has been my greatest accomplishment.” Yes my heart burst in that moment! And I will never forget it!



#3 Being my son’s mom


Having a child is hard work, starting from carrying them for 9 months, delivering them (my labor was over 24 hours), and then the day to day challenge of being a mom (that no one can really prepare you for). But having my boy is definitely an every day, “proud moment.”



What are your most proud moments? I would love to hear from you! Next week’s blog challenge is: The meaning behind your blog name. I will share with your more about our store and share some fabulous Black Friday deals! Have a great weekend!

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