Blog Challenge #19: What do you collect?

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This one may sound crazy but it’s true. When you take into account that my family has always been in the jewelry industry and that I work in the jewelry industry, of course I am going to have an undeniable love for all things jewelry related! I will share a few of my favorite treasures that I have received from Oaks Boutique over the years.

This first little necklace was a gift from my husband for our first Christmas together. This little beauty features older cut diamonds that are just so sparkly to the naked eye. Back in the olden days, diamonds were cut by hand in natural light to really make them sparkle. The dainty pendant came with this unique chain that all in all was the perfect package in my stocking that year! *did you know that our store also has some of the best gift wrappers around!*

These earrings were a surprise from my mom this year. My sweet son was supposed to be born in August but came a few weeks early and was born in July. These peridot earrings would have been his birthstone but I told my mom that they were too gorgeous and I wanted to keep them anyway. They will always remind me of the early time in motherhood when you sometimes don’t get to shower or do your hair for a few days. When I received these beauties in the mail, they instantly made me feel pretty and excited to get dressed up and wear them!

Pearls are high on my favorite list! These little drop earrings were also from my mom and I wear them on repeat! The French hooks make them easy to wear on the go and the pearls add a classy touch no matter what I’m wearing.






I love pretty hair accessories. When I was younger this used to be an easy fix but now trying to find “grown up” accessories can be a challenge. I just love these two hair pretties from mykitsch (I found them on Instagram). One is a messy bun clip and the other is a modern take on the classic clip.





These little cuties are from the Butterfly Rainforest in Gainesville, Florida. My mom and I went there together many years ago. I picked up these glass blown animals and search for them wherever I go. I found  a few more on the Riverwalk in San Antonio Texas.


What do you collect?

Next week’s blog prompt is “A difficult time in your life”

Have a great weekend!

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