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Hello friends! Since Oaks Jewelry will be at the Bridal Expo this weekend, I thought I would give you some practical, fun, unique things to think on while you plan your special day. The whole wedding day package can be overwhelming to some brides. The ultimate desire is to have the perfect day that will not only live up to girlhood expectations but also to be a day that will carry magic every time memories surface. 


Every detail is thought about and labored over in love. The flowers, the bridesmaids' dresses, the location, the food, the cake, the dress (of course!) and the little details that make the day unique to the lovely couple. In my many years of being a part of lots of weddings, I have noticed that the wedding day jewelry is a delicate detail that brides mull over and contemplate sometimes up to the very morning of the nuptials. From my own personal experience, my husband picked out and purchased my wedding day earrings for me as not only a wedding day gift but as a keepsake for years to come. Anytime a big occasion comes around or a special date night is planned, I reach for my wedding day earrings because tied to them are the memories of feeling beautiful and the center of attention. Many brides like to borrow something for their wedding day accessories or even purchase a vintage piece to have as their good luck "something old." Keep in mind that these tiny, sparkling, touches of jewelry will forever be stamped on your wedding day pictures and your memories of your day. I have compiled a short list of suggestions for picking out your wedding day jewelry and even some additional ideas of how to make jewelry a beloved detail of your wedding.


1) Pick out your dress first.

When going to say "yes to the dress" keep an open mind. You may be set on a vintage, lace, A-line silhouette but end up with a beaded, sparkling mermaid. Don't let a specific idea of jewelry hold you back from your dream gown. Necklines also have a huge say in what, if any, necklace you should wear to compliment your dress to perfection. Picking out the dress and having that hurdle behind you is not only an exciting and fun accomplishment but also very freeing. If you have the dress and you feel confident and radiant, all the other details will fall into place, trust me! So once you have your dress start brain storming about jewelry. With earrings, does your dress call for something understated and simple or does your dress have a streamline design that can handle a dangling pair of chandeliers. 


If you opt for statement earrings and the neckline of your dress is a lovely sweetheart, you could forgo a necklace. If your grandmother has already offered her classic pearl necklace, maybe seek out a complimenting pair of pearl dangle earrings to add a touch of your personality to the timeless iconic pearl strand. 

If you decide to keep everything minimal and clean, think about wearing a dainty bracelet on your left hand. This will not only add a touch of sparkle to your photos when photographing your rings but also give your honey a little signal of the right hand to put the ring on (nervous grooms will love this idea!). 

Last idea is something that I saw at a beach wedding. The bride decided to not wear any shoes for the ceremony and had a short, beachy, airy wedding dress. She wore a tiny ankle bracelet that caught the light of the sunset and added a sweet sparkle to her gorgeous look.


2) Take your jewelry to your hair consultation.

This is a good idea for necklaces and earrings. If you want to showcase your statement earrings, you may want your hairdresser to sweep your hair off to one side or pull your locks behind your ears to show off your beautiful earrings. With necklaces, wearing a choker style verses a longer pendant necklace can determine if your hair would look best worn swept all the way up or half way up. Try a few different looks and know that no matter what you decide, you are going to take your new hubby's breath away.

Here are some lovely examples of bridal necklaces to give you some ideas:

3) Think about buying a vintage brooch for your hair.

This is what I personally did and not only did I have my something old, but I had a sparkling accessory that fit my shabby chic vibe. Also, this touch of sparkle is beautiful with the dance floor lighting and in photography.


                                                                           (this one has something blue too!)


 4) Is there someone not at your wedding that you want to wear a keepsake in their memory?

A dear friend of mine wore a locket with a photograph of her grandmother on her wedding day. Not only was she wearing a keepsake close to her heart but the sweet heart shaped locket looked elegant with her vintage inspired dress. I have also seen a bride purchase an initial charm that was attached to her bouquet to memorialize her husband's father. The ideas are endless but these little touches of family and memories add a unique, personalized detail to your wedding day that will be appreciated by family and will be a reminder to you throughout your day that you are dearly loved. We can do a custom initial charm for you or a locket. 




5) When in doubt, go simple!

If nothing seems to "go" with the style of your dress or everything seems to just not look perfect, not to worry, there is a solution. Diamond stud earrings! These forever elegant classics will never be out of style and go with absolutely everything!



6) Your "something blue" can be jewelry too!

Of course, you can get creative with this tradition if you want or you can opt to have a sparkling blue gemstone as your something blue element. Check out a few of these options:



Congratulations to you and your soon to be spouse! Please contact us with any questions about our wedding day jewelry options and we would be happy to help you pick out something special if needed!

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