Effortless Ensembles

Springs trends are hitting us hard this year. Instagram is booming full of style inspirations and the hot look that seems to be peering from everyone’s feed is effortless jewelry that compliments each other but isn’t too “matchy-matchy”. Here are a few of my pairings. You can shop all these looks on our website.


First off, I am obsessed with the gold jewelry movement happening. Pairing a golden citrine gemstone piece with a solid gold piece looks sleek and streamline with the same color family but still adds interest to any outfit. This Gucci link chain is your main statement piece but adding a basic gemstone solitaire stud earring and matching gemstone ring adds but doesn’t take away from your main chain centerpiece. Also, the different shapes of the gemstones keeps the harmony of the color scheme going without being boring.





Again with the gold trend…

I think gold and black together make an expensive looking duo. This long chain is enough on its own but adding this bold statement ring makes a corresponding wow factor in your outfit. Of course, I also have to add this timeless black leather tote that is a perfect staple piece for any wardrobe.





As soon as these omega back statement earrings were for sale in our store, I can’t take my eyes off of them. With such a striking pair of earrings you may want to forgo a necklace but if you are like me and have to wear a necklace with everything, try this simple chain to create a natural flow with your accessories.





With pearls, I am all about wearing a few pearl things together but in different styles and designs. This antique bracelet, trendy lariat necklace and simple hoop earrings are all together timeless yet with a subtle modern twist.




I love the rich color of 22k yellow gold. I think keeping the high metal purity pieces paired together keeps a continuity that looks puts together.





Lastly I am in love with this tassel necklace. This little trick works for any amazing statement necklace that you may have. Pair it with simple diamond studs and you’ll have the perfect pair.





What was your favorite tip of the day?

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