Engagement Ring Style Guide

The Classic~
The “classic” as defined by me is the timeless solitaire made famous by Tiffany and Co. No matter the shape of the diamond, when it’s set in a prong head with a polished band…that screams “classic” to me. We have a wide variety of the classic in every shape. This style opens up to a wide range of wedding band choices. You can choose to stick with the classic band, add one with diamonds, one with gemstones, or a couple of each. The classic lends itself to be pretty versatile and we have them to fit every budget. 
~The Set
The “set” is an engagement ring with a matching wedding band. The two are sold together and are the perfect pair. No need to search for the matching band or have one custom made…the bridal set makes shopping easy. The complete look of a bridal set comes in many different choices. 
~The Colorful 
Ever since Prince William proposed to his princess sweetheart with Princess Diana’s blue sapphire halo ring, gemstone accents in engagement rings have been widely sought after. They add a splash of color whether that be red, green, or blue. 
~The Modern
My take on the modern is anything a little quirky, a little abstract, a little retro or geometric. This contemporary category is fun and even edgy. 
~The Halo
Oh the halo, one of my favorites! The halo of small diamonds set around the main center stone complements it in a way that makes the diamond appear larger. The halo gives a lot of sparkle and we have halos in every shape and budget.
~The Unique
I leave this category pretty wide open. We have a wide variety of engagement rings options as you have seen but we also have loose, certified diamonds that can be set in any way you can think of. We would love to work with you on your vision and make your engagement romantic, memorable, special, and personalized for you! If you’ve got the girl, we’ve got the ring!

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