Father’s Day Gift Guide 2019

Happy Wednesday Friends! We are giving you this week’s blog post early to give you extra time to snag the perfect gift for the special “dad” in your life. I have compiled a gift guide for you below with some top gift ideas picked by men themselves. These are the most requested items that men ask for. Be sure to click the link in each category to explore all the options available. As always, we can gift wrap your special selection at no additional charge, ship your item to you, or have it ready for local pickup.


Men’s Gold Bracelet


Does the man you are shopping for have a bracelet already? If not, this is one of the highly requested gifts for our menfolk. When we say “gold” you can select either white or yellow gold. I know most guys like to coordinate metals, meaning they like the watch metal tone or the metal of their ring to match their bracelet. One of the things that makes a gold bracelet an ideal gift for “dad” is that gold is durable and will last a lifetime. Gold can withstand the day to day work of your man and has a value that will only appreciate over time. Choosing a specific link to the bracelet you want to purchase doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Think of the style of the special man you are buying for. Does he like more high-fashion items? If so, maybe opt for a unique link that you don’t see often.  If your man is anything like my husband, he likes the classics. In this case, I would lean more to a classic link like the figaro or rope link. Check out all the different gold bracelet options by clicking here.


mens gold chains and bracelets


Men’s Rings


We are going to get to wedding bands next, but I wanted to mention rings for men. This is more so for their right hand. Think of a diamond or gemstone statement ring. We have some pretty spectacular rings for men. With guys, just think of their favorite color (blue and red are the usual picks here) or go with the safe option of diamonds. Find one that speaks to you and why. When you present the ring to the special “dad” in your life, explain why this ring spoke to you, why it made you think of them, why it seemed fitting and why you wanted them to have it. With dads, they are just as sentimental with their kiddos and grand-kids as us moms/grandmas. Because at the end of the day, everyone likes to feel loved/special and a gift that made you think of them is going to speak to the heart.


men right hand ring gainesville fl

men red stone ring gainesville fl

Shop men’s rings here.


Men’s Wedding Bands


For the moms out there that are going to be buying a gift for their hubby from the kiddos, this category is a good one. I asked my husband what he wanted for Father’s day last year and he said “a dressy wedding band for special occasions”. He has a titanium one that he wears daily for durability but wanted a nice band to keep only for Sundays, meetings, special date night, etc. For men’s wedding bands, we have all different types of metals and types to choose from. Again, think about your man’s unique style and then shop accordingly. With a wide range of gold (both yellow and white gold), platinum and mixed metal choices, you will definitely be able to find the perfect one!


mens wedding band

mens diamond band gainesville fl

Shop men’s wedding bands here.


Men’s Necklaces


This category is another very popular one for any occasion for our special men folk. A necklace is a forever accessory for a guy. Most of the men in my family have worn the same necklace for years and years. You want to use the same shopping technique as with bracelets as far as the link of the chain goes. My personal favorites for men are the figaro, mariner, and the rope link. If you are going to keep shopping on to the next category (charms) you want to pick a link that isn’t too thick or chunky so that it will be able to accommodate a charm. If you are shopping in store with us, our retail associates will make sure the two are compatible. If you are shopping online, you will note that every necklace will have a millimeter width and each charm has the bail size so you know that they will work together nicely. If you ever question this, please feel free to reach out to us and we will even put the two together in a photo for you to see what the entire look will be.


mens link chain

mens mariner link chain            mens rope link chain necklace

Shop men’s necklaces here.


Men’s Cross Necklace and Other Charms

I mentioned a cross first because it is the most sought after charm for a man. The most classic combo of necklace and charm for a man is the rope chain with a cross pendant or charm. We have several to choose from at different sizes and types, including crucifixes. If you are shopping online you can see in the description of the charm the size of the piece so you can get an idea of how large or small it will be. The other popular option, more for the outdoors men, are fish charms. Whether it be a bass, trout or marlin, if you man likes to fish, he will like a fish charm. Coins are also a popular choices. Coins in general are always a good gift option. They will hold their value, are a historic piece that most men really appreciate,  and you can personalize it by selecting a certain year if you choose. The year can coordinate with the special year of becoming a dad or grandfather.

mens cross charmmens cross crucifix charm gainesville flmens fishing charm


Shop crosses and other charms here.


Men’s Money Clips


This is a new gift idea that we have to offer at Oaks Jewelry. Keep this in mind for the future, for Christmas, birthday, anniversary, graduation, or even weddings. We can personalize a money clip for any special guy in your life. You could engrave initials, a date, a name, have a school mascot etc. It’s a great all around gift idea for any holiday.


mens personalized money clips


If you’re still not quite sure what to buy, please contact us or come by our showroom, we would love to help you find the perfect gift. Happy Father’s Day to our stellar dads, stepdads, grandpas, single moms and every other father figure that stands up to take on the prized name of “dad”! 

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