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Fine jewelry is personal. Each person is emotionally drawn to jewelry for certain reasons. We tend to relate our fine jewelry to memories and experiences, as well as our overall personal style preference. For instance, pearls may make you reminisce about your wedding day, your grandmother’s ring that was left to you may make you reflect back to childhood, and those diamond earrings instill confidence from the time you wore them for that big presentation and nailed it. The fine jewelry you love and wear should speak to you, should inspire you, should be a part of you and your heart.

This week we want to celebrate the personal side of fine jewelry and our wonderful staff at the same time. Our team of jewelry experts have picked their top favorites from our store, which is a hard feat in and of itself with so many beautiful things to choose from. We are going to present to you a gorgeous showcase of our favorites and if a certain piece of fine jewelry speaks to you, we have a deal that will speak to you too!

If you love looking at jewelry and love listening to your heart resonate with sparkling pieces, you too can pick your favorites by creating a wishlist. Not only can this wishlist be saved and added to, but you can also email or share it via social media to drop a hint for a potential birthday, Christmas, anniversary or “just because” gift. Be sure to create one and let us know so we can see your favorites too!


Fine Jewelry Picks From Our Guys

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Perspective is so important in life and so interesting in jewelry. What was so fun about compiling this list of fine jewelry favorites was seeing everyone’s choices from hundreds and hundreds of pieces. You can get a sense of each person’s style and flare by looking at what they selected. To start us out, here are the top favorites from the amazing guys of Oaks Jewelry.


Ed likes simple pieces that are backed by noble metals and timeless designers. He picked this Tiffany & Co. solid polished band. Nothing is more traditional than a band but when you add the Tiffany & Co. fine jewelry prestige, you have classic perfection. Ed also loves this satin finish band in platinum for a little bit of a modern twist. Last but not least, he chose this sterling silver figaro necklace. Most guys that I know are crazy about this polished link. It has an athletic and masculine vibe as well as a sturdy composition to endure even a tough guy’s day to day wear.


Leo gave a nod to the classics and also chose a figaro link but in gold. As you can see, our guys think alike and for a good reason. You can never go wrong getting a Figaro link fine jewelry piece for your man. Next, Leo opted for this diamond accented curb link bracelet. This bracelet is stunning in person; it is a statement piece and yet an everyday favorite too. I was amazed that Leo chose this vintage tie bar clip. This is a very sophisticated and rare find. Three very unique and bold choices from Leo.


Fine Jewelry Favorites From Our Ladies

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 Our ladies at Oaks Jewelry also have stellar taste. If I am ever in the market for a new piece of fine jewelry I usually talk to one of these ladies to see what they have their eye on. Not only do these girls know quality, they know good deals too.


Stephanie A. has a love for two-tone fine jewelry. This style of mixing metals is so versatile and popular. Her three picks actually showcase so well together too. I sense a three for one sale here! This bracelet is a contemporary classic with just a hint of diamond sparkle in alternating links. These diamond cut earrings do not lack any sparkle either. They catch the light as you move and are the perfect length for any face shape and hairstyle. To bring the whole look together is this elegant starburst diamond cluster ring.


Leslie’s favorites have a modern and streamline feel. These turquoise and citrine earrings will carry you through the summer months and into fall with the crisp colors. She also chose this ring that is the perfect mix of two tone and yin and yang. The balance is eye-catching and unique. Her necklace choice is top notch and very in style right now. This triple circle drop necklace is anything but boring or basic. It has a sparkling dainty look that easily steals the show in an understated, effortless way.


Sarena loves sparkle and balance at the same time. Her three fine jewelry favorites have symmetry and class to them. I share her love for these diamond dangle statement earrings. Who needs any other jewelry for the evening if she is wearing these? This blue sapphire and diamond filigree ring is the epitome of vintage splendor. Also, this deep purple red rhodolite garnet ring has a twist of modern and classic mixed together seamlessly.


Stephanie loves diamonds! Check out these gorgeous picks! Up first is this posh pear shaped diamond halo pendant. To continue the Hollywood feel she picked this Asscher cut three stone engagement ring in platinum. It can speak for itself! Her favorite tennis link bracelet is one that has a vine, floral type of design with diamond accents to put the cherry on top.


Joie likes color and pieces that have an artsy soul. This blue topaz ring not only has a vivid color and wideband but it has a retro vibe that is very much sought after today. Her bracelet choice is a black onyx oval link tennis style that can easily be stacked with other bracelets. It has some bling but would be an easy favorite to wear on a daily basis. Her last favorite is this freeform, abstract heart halo diamond slice ring. This lovely piece could be a proposal ring, promise ring, Valentine gift or engagement ring.


Candy likes simple pieces except when it comes to statement rings, for that she wants it to really make a statement. She chose this large blue topaz cocktail ring that has faceted beauty from every angle. It will get noticed! Her earring choice seems simple but these diamond hoop earrings can hold their own no matter the occasion. Lastly, her favorite engagement ring is this timeless oval diamond halo.


That sums up all of our favorites, now it’s your turn!


Create Your Own Fine Jewelry Wish List

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On our website, you can create a favorites list or wishlist. You can save this list and even share it with friends and family (aka that special person who has the honor of buying it for you). This is even a great tool to use when you are shopping for jewelry and going through all the beautiful pieces we have. You can easily save them to your wishlist as you shop along and revisit it when you are ready to divide and conquer and select your favorite(s). Let us know if you need help creating a wishlist, we would love to assist you and would love to help you find your personal fine jewelry favorite!  






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