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Florida Gators UF Jewelry

Gator football is back this weekend! As a home town Gainesville native, this marks the start of fall, even though it may not feel that way outside quite yet. It means tailgating at the University of Florida, boneless chicken wings with blue cheese from the Gator Dockside restaurant, cute orange and blue game day outfits with matching jewelry, and all the SEC football. Our store has the perfect jewelry accessories for your Gator jewelry needs. Let’s go over how to shop, how to make a statement, how to purchase a piece that you will wear all season long and more!

Statement Gator Jewelry

Gator Stud Earrings

Nothing says “Two-bits, Four-bits, Six-bits, a dollar. All for the Gators, Stand up and holler!" like an actual alligator jewelry piece. These polished, full bodied, alligator earrings will be the spotlight of any game day attire. The body of the gator curves up the ear and has a simple post back. Even though these Gator earrings are show-stopping big, you won’t have to compromise on comfort. They are lightweight since they are a hollow design. These earrings also have a luxurious style that can still translate from casual to dressy, depending on what you decide to wear on any particular game day.

Gemstone Gator Jewelry

Gemstone Gator jewelry offers the versatility of being able to wear a piece over and over and even in the off season, although we believe that Gator nation is everywhere and it never rests. So, always feel proud to sport your Gator jewelry all year long.


Earrings are probably the most noticeable piece of jewelry that you will wear. When we meet someone for the first time, or look at someone when passing by, we usually glance at their face first. Earrings can be the centerpiece of your jewelry wardrobe. When opting for jewelry that is timeless and elegant for any occasion, blue sapphires are the way to go. Blue sapphires pair easily with your orange and blue. These teardrop shaped dangle earrings have the stunning Gator blue that we love. With the diamond accents and easy to wear leverbacks, you will be wearing these all the time! The classic design also lends itself to always being stylish and forever a favorite jewelry staple. If you are wearing mostly blue, we have some “orange” options available too. Citrine comes in a very vivid orange color and these stud earrings could be a nice addition to your game day jewelry wardrobe.


A stellar necklace is the next order of business for your Gator jewelry needs. A gemstone necklace can also take center stage when putting together the perfect tailgating outfit. This blue sapphire drop necklace is one of a kind and you will be the only Gator fan with such a unique piece. The necklace features a natural blue sapphire dropping down from a chevron shaped, diamond accented base. For another unique, one of a kind piece in our other favorite color choice, we have this citrine necklace. The pave’ setting of the citrines creates sparkle from every angle and makes this piece sure to get noticed.


For rings, there are many options to explore. A wide band with a Gator signature color is the perfect accessory. This blue enamel accented band is the ticket. It has a bold Greek key design that is modern and exotic, yet the Gator blue color can not be mistaken. It has the flexibility to be a wedding band too if you choose to really go all out and just wear your game-day colors for the kickoff game of the season. This particular ring has a matching pendant that can complete the look. This combination is for the avant garde Gator fan and it will add a stylish flare to your look. For your orange options, these two quirky and distinctive rings come to mind. The first is a pyramid cut, orange citrine ring in white gold. The other is a stunning black onyx ring with an oval faceted citrine set in the center. Both are wide band rings that are sophisticated with an ultra-modern design.

Game Day Pendants for All

For pendants, you have several options as well. This traditional University of Florida logo charm is suitable for a man or lady. It would even be the perfect gift for a new High School graduate that has landed their college dream by attending the University of Florida or for an upcoming senior on their last glory year as a Gator (although once a Florida Gator, always a Florida Gator). This full body alligator charm also has the flexibility to be worn by a gentleman or lady. This one in particular has a detailed, custom, carved design with a created emerald accent for the eye. Quite unique yet still Gator game day appropriate.

Flexible Design Gator Jewelry

Gator UF Jewelry

If you still need to find the perfect jewelry accessory, not to worry, there are many more options to be had. You can even customize a jewelry piece. If you are looking for simplicity, you can choose a small disc pendant like this one and have it engraved with “Gator girl” or “UF Grad”. You can wear this with multiple pendants or even a strand of pearls for a more preppy look. If you are interested in other shapes and styles of engravable Gator jewelry, this bar necklace is a popular choice. Again, you can personalize these options with anything you can think of. Signet rings are also a popular flexible design option for a man or woman. This one could be engraved with “UF” for a lady and this one for a man.

We hope these Gator jewelry suggestions have you pumped for Saturday. You can shop all these designs on our website or come by our showroom in the heart of Gainesville. This weekend we are having a Gator jewelry give-away on our Facebook page so be sure and like our page for more details. Happy Friday friends and GO GATORS!


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