Giving Life to Old Jewelry: Repurposing!

necklaceModern classic, contemporary antique, up-to-date heirloom…these terms may not seem like they go together, opposites in fact, but when it comes to jewelry, they are possible! With a little inspiration and a creative design team, you can repurpose your families’ beloved heirlooms into wearable jewelry to fit you and your unique style.

If your jewelry box is full of broken keepsakes, sentimental loose stones that aren’t being displayed to their fullest, a brooch that is stunning but doesn’t suit you, these pieces are very valuable and have the potential of a sparkling new life ahead.

Repurposing a vintage piece of jewelry can mean many different things:

  • replace missing stones to make it whole again

  • give the jewelry a good cleaning and “face lift” by having a jeweler fix any broken pieces, size a ring, or tighten stones

  • take the diamonds/gemstones out of several pieces and create one cohesive piece that can be enjoyed everyday

  • trade in your broken gold/platinum towards the cost of a new custom jewelry piece

These ideas are just a start to the endless possibilities that antique jewelry has.

Brides can utilize antique family jewelry and put the tradition of “something old” and “something new” into one special memento for that most important day! It could be anything from a simple necklace made from a single jewel of an old brooch, a custom pair of earrings from the pearls of their beloved aunt, or even just a more modernized setting for that special diamond ring that has been passed down from their mother. If you have the jewelry or stone to work with, the perfect piece awaits you!

Not sure how to turn that old relic into something suited for you? Take your time, gather inspiration from Pinterest, determine what your jewelry style is, talk directly with your jeweler, make it a wonderful experience that you will remember and wear, for years to come! The end result of a “new” heirloom is worth the effort!

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