January Birthstone ~ Garnet

Welcome January 2018!
If you are new to our blog, we offer sparkling, fun, informational jewelry posts every Friday. To kick off this brisk new year, we are going to focus on January's rich red birthstone ~GARNET! 
Fun Facts About January:
The Romans named it January after Janus, the God of gateways. Janus had two heads so he could look in both directions, back at the old year and forward towards the new year, at the same time. 
In January 1908, the first ball dropped in Times Square.
January 8th is Elvis Presley's birthday 
January is National Hobby Month and National Eat Healthy Month (these are good New Year's resolutions if you haven't got one yet...find a new fun hobby to explore and eat healthy. My suggestion is to collect garnets as your hobby and eat at least 3 avocados a day ;o) 

The January flower is the carnation. 
If you need a good January challenge or want something fun to blog about this chilly month, check out this January food calendar. (click here). 
Fun Facts About Garnet:
They aren't all red. Tsavorite garnet is green and is the most rare. (see an example of this unique stone below in my garnet favorites from our store.) The red ones come is a wide variety of hues from rust to violet purple red. 
The name "garnet" actually means deep red. 
Folklore states that garnet can bring peace, prosperity and good health to a household. 
Garnets are so durable that they can be traced back to the Bronze age and were used by ancient Romans and clergy in the Middle Ages. They were commonly used in signet rings too. 
Typically garnets are given on the 2nd or 6th wedding anniversary.
They also stand for lasting friendship so a garnet gemstone jewelry gift is a great gift idea even if not a birthstone.
Our Garnet Selection Favorites: 
My first favorite garnet pick is this vintage cluster beauty. The domed setting translates to a gorgeous side profile and flashes of red from every angle. These garnets are more on the warm tone scale with a vibrant organish red color. 
A more modern favorite is this cushion cut garnet set in a dainty white gold setting. The diamond accents give it a hint of sparkle. This pretty piece could even be a unique engagement ring or promise ring. What an excellent choice for a sweetheart born in January!
Lastly this cluster piece has a gorgeous citrine gemstone in the center accentuated by green Tsavorite garnets on the sides. This combo is very eye-catching and unique! This is perfect for the lady who doesn't love the red color but wants something a little more vibrant and fun. 
Check out our full selection of garnet jewelry by clicking here.
Thank you for reading and Happy New Year! Comment below with some of your new year's resolutions...we would love to hear from you! 

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