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Jewelry Repair at Oaks Jewelry in Gainesville, FL

Jewelry is just like anything else in life…if you take care of it (provide proper maintenance and check-ups etc) it can withstand the test of time. When you find yourself a master jeweler to preform excellent jewelry repair, you are not only ensuring the longevity of your valued heirlooms but also adding years of enjoyment to that special piece.


Why Repair Jewelry?

 Jewelry Repair Bench

This may seem like a simple question but there are many reasons that one might choose to repair their jewelry piece. The first scenario happens over the first decade of marriage. You have a few kids, you are enjoying life and then one day your wedding set doesn’t fit anymore. Maybe it needs to be sized up or down. This is definitely a jewelry repair you want to do. You will always cherish your wedding set and want to enjoy it for years (perhaps decades) to come. So a jeweler can adjust the ring to fit you just like the day you first received it.

 As the holidays approach you may be wanting to wear that special family treasure but upon inspection you find it to be missing a tiny diamond. This also falls under the category of jewelry repair and is something easily fixed. Any vintage item of jewelry that is missing a stone or diamond can be made whole and able to be enjoyed again.

These examples are just a few to give you an idea of how to utilize the jewelry repair service. Many jewelry pieces have tons of life left and memories to be made, they only need to be tweaked a little by a master craftsman and fresh life can be breathed into them. Jewelry repair estimates are usually free of charge. Keep in mind that repairing or repurposing an “old” piece can actually be more cost-effective than buying something new, plus you are saving a sentimental piece that can be cherished for the future.


How Does Ring Sizing Work?

 Engagement Ring Resizing

When a ring does not fit anymore or if you are gifted with a ring that needs to be adjusted to fit your finger, a trained staff member will take your size with a master ring set. The jeweler will make sure the ring needing to be altered will be able to withstand the repair itself. For instance, some pave’ type settings are very difficult to size because of the integrity of the stone settings. The jeweler will make you aware of this and provide other options if needed.

When a ring needs to be sized up, the jeweler will not stretch your ring or thin out the back band to make it larger. This type of sizing will compromise the ring and make the setting thinner and more susceptible to future damage. Instead, the jeweler will cut the back of the band (or shank) and add gold to adjust the size. This keeps the same thickness and width of the original piece and making it more secure for future wear. This procedure is a little more costly than sizing down since no additional gold has to be added. When sizing up several sizes, keep in mind this method and allow for additional costs per size due to the adding of gold to the setting. In the long run, it pays to have the sizing done correctly.


Custom Jewelry Repair

 custom jewelry repair

If you have a piece of jewelry that you want to put your personal style stamp on, this is where custom jewelry repair comes in. You may have a ring that you want to remove the gemstones and put all diamonds in. Or you may have a locket that you want engraved. You might have been gifted with a vintage wedding set and you want to remove the main diamond and make a pendant for yourself that you can enjoy on a daily basis. These types of repairs or alterations can be done by a jeweler too.


You also have the choice of taking older diamonds or gemstones and putting them in new settings that suit your taste. If you have a jewelry item that you want to preserve and be able to enjoy, there are so many options available. Jewelry is meant to be worn and seen! So let’s make something special that you want to wear!


Jewelry Restoration

 Close up of a jewelry repair

Vintage jewelry is sweeping in the jewelry industry with gusto right now. Maybe it’s because we are in the era of repurposing and restoring (thanks Chip and Joanna Gaines!) or maybe there is a deep romance in vintage pieces and the journey they have had. Either way, this “trend” is not one that is going to quickly fade and that’s a good thing. Finding beauty in something old and restoring it to a "new", improved, condition is also available in the jewelry industry.


Jewelry restoration opens up the possibilities of taking that “old” brooch and turning it into a gorgeous lavaliere necklace. You might take that antique watch that is beyond repair and make it into a stunning statement bracelet. This is beautifully done by replacing the watch face with a gemstone or a cluster of stones. Jewelry restoration is a special category of jewelry repair and leaves the sky as the limit for what you can make out of something old.


Other Types of Jewelry Repair

 jewelry repair tools

There are many different jewelry repair scenarios. Don't feel like you have to chalk up the jewelry piece to a lost cause or keep it in stowed away in your jewelry box just because it is broken or you don’t like it. Always check with your jeweler and see what can be done. Broken chains can be mended. Stones and diamonds can be replaced. Watch batteries can be changed out and watch lengths can be removed/added. A broken prong or a prong that is snagging on clothes can be fixed. A piece that has tons of wear can be polished. Necklaces, bracelets or anklets can be shortened or lengthened to the desired length.


If you rummage through your jewelry box and find pieces that you don’t want to get rid of, jewelry repair is a way to give new life to broken/old pieces. You can be your own jewelry designer. Bring your ideas to your jeweler or have them help you with making your vision come alive!


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