Luxury Looks for Affordable Prices

My favorite make-up gurus on YouTube, like Jaclyn Hill and Tati Westbrook, do Luxury dupe videos where they talk about high end makeup that is outrageously expensive and give you a drugstore/affordable alternative that is a “dupe” for the expensive version. I love these videos because sometimes I want to buy one item that is really high end and nice and sometimes I do want to look for an affordable “dupe”. There are not any “dupes” in our jewelry selection by any means, but we do have jewelry options that give you a luxurious look for an excellent deal. Depending on the design of a ring or the specific setting of a stone…the piece of jewelry can take on a look that reminds you of something very expensive or designer. Here are a few examples.


Halo settings

The “halo” is the jewelry name of a solitaire stone set with smaller stones around it in a “halo”. When a diamond (any shape) is surrounded by smaller diamonds this makes the larger diamond appear bigger and from a distance even looking like one BIG diamond. Check out a few of these examples. This setting can be found in rings, pendants and earrings and the effect is the same.



Illusion settings

The concept of an “illusion” setting is not a new idea. This setting was around during the Great Depression even. This look features a single diamond or multiple diamonds set in a white gold polished “head” (the top of the ring) allowing the diamonds to reflect off of the polished white gold and looking like one big diamond.



Cluster settings

The example I will use for cluster setting is in earrings. With my long hair and face shape I prefer a larger earring. Like most girls, I have always wanted a pair of diamond studs but unfortunately a 4 carat pair was a little out of the question for me. So I found that getting a pair of cluster diamond earrings gave me the look that I wanted. You get lots of sparkle like you would with a larger solitaire diamond but without the price tag.


 Invisible setting

When diamonds are tension set (or invisible set) where no prongs are seen, this really gives the effect of one large diamond. This can be seen easily with four princess (square) diamonds set to look like one but check out the other example of multiple diamond shapes coming together to look like one BIG sparkling diamond.



We hope that these examples help give you ideas of making your luxury jewelry dreams come true! Happy Friday!

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