My Rose Gold Obsession

Happy Friday Loves! Today I am telling you all about my Rose Gold obsession! Rose gold has made a huge imprint on fashion, home décor, jewelry, weddings and so much more. It has a gorgeous warmth about it and a very luxurious feel. These are a few of my favorite rose gold items right now.


Jewelry of course~ 

Rose gold compliments every skin tone. It looks good paired with diamonds and gemstones or just by itself. These are a few of my favorite rose gold pieces in our store right now…





Wedding décor~


Rose gold for your wedding day color will fit any season. It has a warmth for summer and fall, looks amazing with white if you wanted to do a winter wonderland theme, and would also be lovely with greenery for spring. You could use it as an accent color or as a main color. It truly is becoming a primary color on its own.




Home décor~


I am obsessed with Uncommon James and their home décor and kitchen décor pieces. You will notice that rose gold is peaking its beautiful head through in this modern brand and I think it will be here to stay.



Makeup ~


In another life I think I was a make up artist. I love doing makeup on myself and others. Even if it’s just a grocery store run and chores kinda day, I’m still going to do my makeup like I’m going out later. One of my absolute, ride or die, eyeshadow palettes is the rose gold NAKED palettes by Urban decay. Just look at these amazing colors. It has the perfect pop of color for brown eyes but also brings our green and blue eye colors too. It can be used to do a subtle day time look or a blown out smoky date night eye look.





I love rose gold on hats, shoes, bags, nails, cell phone cases, etc. Check out our Instagram stories to see my everyday favorite rose gold accessory.



What else can I have in rose gold? Let me know your suggestions! Happy Friday loves, enjoy your weekend!

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