Our FREE Gemstone & Custom Jewelry Campaign

A returning customer walks into our showroom, ready and excited to find something unique for his wife for Valentine’s Day. This loyal customer has always found the perfect piece over the years to fit the occasion but today seems a little different. He spots a ring that intrigues him, but it doesn’t seem to quite do it. One of our talented team members has been assisting him and starts to brain storm about what kind of matching ensemble they can come up with to match the one of a kind ring. The ring had an oval amethyst with diamond accents and what made the ring unique and updated was the sideways setting of the gemstone. Our team member was able to come up with a custom made necklace and earring set with the same "one of a kind" flare that he was looking for. Here is the final product of all three pieces. Not only did our customer get to create something special for his wife, but it only took about a week’s time for it all to be completed! 



To sweeten the deal, our store is offering your choice of gemstone with the purchase of a custom piece of jewelry! This means any color, any shape, any size from the hundreds that we have available, can be yours! 




Since Valentine’s day has passed you may be bummed that you didn’t get to take advantage of this deal then, but not to worry…there are plenty of other special occasions to gift a custom piece. 


Mother’s Day:


Let us come up with a unique mother’s day design made especially for your mom, step mom, grandmother, wife or girlfriend. Here are just a few of my favorites of the many many designs available! 







I think graduation is the perfect time to gift a graduate with a one of a kind piece to celebrate the passing of one milestone and the beginning of another. These are a few ideas I came up with for the graduate. Also, keep in mind that a jewelry or keepsake with their college logo and/or mascot is available too! 







I wish this had been available for when I was planning my wedding. I wanted to gift my bridesmaids with something valuable and something they could keep forever. My girls had seen me through a lot of years of being single and I wanted them to know that they were always my girls. Here are a few ideas for your bridesmaids:




Birthdays and Anniversaries:


These are wide open categories meaning that you can choose the corresponding birthstone for the month or a favorite color or a combination of the two. How about something along these lines:






We have many designs available and if you want to browse and play around with our custom jewelry options, click here.


If you are local, please feel free to stop by any time and work with our talented and amazing team of designers to create your next piece of jewelry. You can start by picking out your FREE gemstone first and let the fun begin! 




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