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Here’s a little more detail about the queen of gems:


~  Unlike other birthstones that come from minerals, pearls are organic and created from living beings

~ Natural pearls are found all over the world including places like Australia, Japan, Central America, the Persian Gulf, off the coast of Madagascar, Burma, the Philippines, Tahiti, Fiji, and South America

~ Natural river pearls are found in Asia, Europe, and North America

~ Cultured pearls are formed when humans assist the process by placing the irritant directly inside the shell


Whether the pearl is “natural” or helped along by man, the end product is the luster of a shiny pearl that does not need to be cut or polished. Interestingly enough, one easy way of determining if a pearl is genuine or imitation is to gently rub it against your teeth. If you feel a gritty type of texture, you have a real pearl on your hands. A smooth texture will mean that you have an imitation (often times plastic) pearl.


Pearl earrings are considered classy in the business world and in the romantic world. 

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A pearl strand necklace is the perfect gift for a graduate starting at the ground floor of building their dreams and is also the perfect gift for a mother celebrating her 60th birthday. 




A pearl ring, although delicate and fragile, would be a prized possession for a sweetheart on Valentine’s Day or for a grandmother on Mother’s Day.




Legends and Traditions of Pearls:


– Wearing pearls on the day of your wedding promises marital bliss and blessing

– Ideal present for newborn babies and for 1st, 3rd, 12th, & 30th anniversaries

– Heidi Klum, Nicole Kidman, and Angelina Jolie share this birthstone

– The process of building a pearl can take up to 7 or 8 years

– The Latin word for pearl means “unique” – – every pearl is different

– Pearl is also an old fashioned feminine first name that may be making a come back


Pearls 101: straight from the authority of gems, GIA click here to see the page directly. 


The value of pearls is tied directly to the quality and GIA ranks this by 7 key factors:

Pearl - SIZE: In general, the larger the pearl, the more valuable it is. Different varieties come in different sizes, South Sea cultured pearls are the largest and average about 13mm in diameter. 

Pearl SHAPE: Pearls come in seven basic shapes: round, oval, button, drop, semi-baroque, and baroque. Perfectly spherical pearls and symmetrical drops are the most valued usually. 

Pearl- COLOR: Pearl body colors vary by variety. Although, white and black are traditional. Unusual colors like purple or orange are becoming more popular. Overtones in the pearls' luster and the rainbow iridescence know as orient also add to the color of the pearl. 

Pearl - LUSTER: Of the seven pearl value factors, luster might be the most important. Luster is what gives a natural or cultured pearl its unique beauty. Pearls with high luster have sharp bright reflections on the surface. Different pearl varieties have different standards for luster. 


Pearl - SURFACE: If surface characteristics, such as abrasions or scratches are numerous or sever, they can affect the durability of the pearl and severely depress its value. Surface characteristics give less effect in the pearl's beauty and value if they are few in number, or if they are minor enough to be hidden by a drill-hole or mounting. 

Pearl - NACRE THICKNESS: Luster and nacre quality are closely related. If the nucleus is visible under the nacre, or if the pearl has a dull, chalky appearance, you can assume that the nacre is thin. This affects the luster as well as the durability of the pearl Nacre thickness is evaluated to make sure that cultured pearls are durable as well as beautiful. 


Pearl - MATCHING: Jewelry designs sometimes deliberately mix colors, shapes, and size for unique effects, but for the most pearl strands, earrings, or other multiple-pearl jewelry, the pearls should match in all the quality factors.




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