Spring Cleaning! ~ Check out these clearance and last chance items!



These chains and necklaces are marked down $100!



 $99.00 Sale price $199.00 (click here)         (click here$99.00 Sale price $199.00



$119.00 Sale price $219.00 (click here)



These are marked down more than $100!



 $149.00 Sale price $299.00 (click here)      (click here$149.00 Sale price $299.00 



$149.00 Sale price $299.00 (click here)       (click here$169.00 Sale price $329.00



$219.00 Sale price $379.00 (click here)      (click here$219.00 Sale price $449.00



$219.00 Sale price $399.00 (click here)      (click here$257.70 Sale price $859.00




A girl can never have enough rings (in my humble opinion)…I think you need one for every day of the week/month and for every outfit/occasion/holiday. At such amazing deals, you can get more than one!



$179.00 Sale price $359.00 (click here)      (click here$189.00 Sale price $449.00



$189.00 Sale price $389.00 (click here)     (click here$212.00 Sale price $1,150.00



$239.00 Sale price $529.00 (click here)   (click here$329.00 Sale price $659.00





I feel the same way about earrings that I do about rings. Check out these stellar deals!



$329.00 Sale price $799.00 (click here)   (click here$339.00 Sale price $679.00



$89.00 Sale price $179.00 (click here)     (click here$99.00 Sale price $199.00



 $159.00 Sale price $329.00 (click here)  (click here$179.00 Sale price $359.00



My Top Picks:



$199.00 Sale price $399.00 (click here)    (click here$259.00 Sale price $519.00



$269.00 Sale price $539.00  (click here)  (click here$289.00 Sale price $579.00



$299.00 Sale price $1,000.00 (click here)   (click here) $319.00 Sale price $649.00



$349.00 Sale price $699.00 (click here)    (click here$439.00 Sale price $879.00


Which piece was your favorite? 

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