Spring Round Up

My husband and I have started watching the Netflix show “Tiding Up” and it really is the perfect show to binge watch this time of year and to kick start your spring cleaning binge too. I love how the show’s star, Marie, tells you to get rid of anything that does not spark joy. You can thank the item for teaching you something about what you want and don’t want, like or dislike, you can thank it for being a part of your life thus far and then you can part ways with it.

If you are in the spring cleaning mood like me, I have not only tackled my closet but have even gone through my jewelry to get rid of anything that does not spark joy anymore. These little nuggets can help you buy those concert tickets in the summer, the new rose bushes for your garden, the trip to Disney with you family, or even a new piece of jewelry that WILL spark joy. Round up all your precious metals and diamonds/gemstones and bring them in for cash to start your spring!



Another thing that puts me in the mood for spring is gorgeous spring colors that we all think of when Easter is coming around the corner. I love pinks, baby blue, orange, green, and purple. Harper Bazaar magazine says that sunshine colors are the colors of spring 2019. I interpret that to be golden yellow, mustard yellow, bright orange, burnt orange, maybe khaki colors and neutrals too. I love this photo of our gorgeous model who is stunning in a classic khaki/white combo that looks like picture perfect spring to me!



In jewelry trends, I see this golden drop of sunshine necklace (as I have come to call it) being a huge hit. You can harness the brightness of the sun and awaken the gloomy winter days with this piece. Citrine’s Chakra healing is said to balance energy and promote creativity & intelligence.



I’m also loving the two tone look of this citrine ring. The golden yellow of the gemstones and the white gold add a unique flare that is very eye-catching and bold.



If you have a green thumb, then spring probably is a time of rebirth. You start seeing the budding of your precious blooms and trees and start to anticipate the thrive of your garden. I choose peridot as the gemstone to represent such an awakening of Mother Earth.




Mixing colors together is a happy spring trend that we see a lot in floral dresses that are trending right now. I love these jewelry pieces that have many colors of the rainbow and have the possibility of going with so many outfits too!  





Of course with spring comes the plethora of flowers for sale at Lowes and Publix. I love florals in jewelry too. Here are a few of my favorites…





What is you favorite spring tradition?

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