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Last week was the start of our massive stud earring sale. Due to popular demand and additional stud earring inventory, we have extended it into this week. In this post, I’ll give you some history and fun facts linked to the classic style of stud earrings along with how to shop for the perfect pair for yourself. Our selection has something for everyone and is definitely worth a look. Let’s go shopping!

Stud Earring History

As you may have assumed, earrings have been around a long time. Even in Biblical times, earrings are mentioned as a physical adornment and a beauty enhancement. A stud earring was also widely popular during the 1900s. Many women chose to forgo the piercing element of wearing earrings but opted for clip-on earrings. These earrings, due to their construction, mostly allowed only for a stud-type of style and not a dangle or drop design. Stud earrings are still highly desired and when asked, most people describe this style as “classic, minimal, conservative, modern, business-like, contemporary, everyday appropriate, lightweight, easy to wear, stylish, forever timeless and traditional.” It is typically a decorative earring, either created of plain metal or with gemstone/diamond accents, that is attached to a post and fixed to the earlobe with a butterfly or friction back. Stud earrings do not have a dangle or drop attached and are not the chandelier style. The stud earring usually brings to mind the traditional diamond stud or polished ball stud. However, a stud earring can also be a solitaire gemstone, a cluster of diamonds set to look like one, a large button style, or even a pearl.

What makes the stud earring style special

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As mentioned above, the stud style has a specific connotation of being simple and classic. Many would even agree that the stud style is universally flattering on all face shapes and hairstyles. It is also very comfortable and typically lightweight. Since there is not a dangle or drop attached to the stud that usually adds additional weight, the earring itself is usually a lot lighter and an easy choice for every day wear. This type of earring also does not get tangled in long hair. It is an easy style to sleep in, this is especially good for screw-back or guardian back studs that take quite a bit of effort to take out and are very secure. The stud is also a good choice for multiple ear piercings. Also, many brides select the pearl or diamond stud for their wedding day. These options have an understated beauty to them that will not take away from an intricate hairstyle or the delicate details of a wedding dress. The stud earring offers versatility to wearing statement necklaces without having to forgo earrings all together. Most would say that the stud is the most effortless style of earring on the market!

Finding the perfect stud for you

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Since the start of our stud earring sale, our inventory included many options to fix different styles. To find the perfect pair for yourself, we have a few shopping tips. Keep in mind that stud earrings do not have to necessarily be small or minimal, you will find in our collection many stud statement earrings and large clusters that will suit the bold style seekers perfectly. The best place to start is your precious metal choice. Do you prefer white or yellow gold? Or a little of both? From there you can explore the plain metal studs that offer a design that does not include any diamond or gemstone accents. If you want to add a like sparkle, take a look at the many diamond stud earring options. They range from single diamond solitaire studs to clusters, to diamond set in heart or star settings. My personal choice is a stud with a colorful gemstone accent. The type of stud earring adds a happy splash of color to your everyday wardrobe. Our collection features icy blue topaz, vivid red ruby, colorful mystic topaz, deep green emeralds and so many more. All of these come in different shapes and sizes. Some even feature a halo of diamonds around them to really make them stand out and make a statement. Shop the entire stud earring sale by clicking here.

Use code STUD at checkout for extra savings!

We would love to help you find the perfect pair of stud earrings to fit you! Our jewelry specialists are available on our website via online chat and phone. Take advantage of this stud earring sale and snag a pair or two for an amazing deal. Please tag us in your Instagram or Facebook picture/stories so we can see what fabulous pair you found!

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