Watch Event and Giveaway!

Time flies and the Holidays are coming! Have you seen the HUGE watch event we are having? (sign up for our newsletter to get notified of such events in the future, along with other savings notifications, just click here and scroll to the bottom to put in your email address).


If you Google best gifts for men 2018 or any year for that matter, watches are always at the top. Most of our watch loving men folk cannot get enough timepieces in their accessory wardrobe. They like dress watches, luxury watches, sport watches, watches with leather bands, watches with silver tone hardware and everything in between that you can think of.


Did you know that giving a watch has a wonderful superstition attached to it as well? Giving a watch means that you are bestowing your time on that person and for a loved one is can symbolize that you want to spend more time with them. How wonderful!



Keep in mind that not just our guys love a fine watch. Our ladies do too! One of my favorite looks is a lady with a stack of arm candy. This look is centered around a good watch, then add some beautiful bracelets. This bracelet/watch combo would be my choice and they are all available on our website! Perfect and easy one stop shopping! I will also put some photos here of how classy and stylish a bracelet/watch stack looks.




With our watch event today and tomorrow, it is the perfect time to snag a quality timepiece for yourself or your loved one. AND, don’t forget to enter the FREE watch giveaway!


Here are all the details of our watch event!



Here are a few of my top picks for watches for both men and women:



Click here to shop all these and more!

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