Read This Before Getting Your Jewelry Repaired

custom jewelry repairAs you are going about your busy day, you happened to glance down at your beloved engagement ring to see the horror of a missing accent diamond. How do you go about getting it repaired and the diamond replaced? How can you check the other diamonds, especially the main one, to make sure they are all secure? At some point in the lifetime of your jewelry, you are going to need it repaired or checked to see if it is in need of repairs. This pertains to your engagement ring as well as other jewelry heirlooms you may have inherited or even a watch that isn’t running the way it should. When you find yourself in need of a custom jewelry repair, remember these suggestions when selecting who will work on your jewelry.

~ Reputation of Jeweler

The first thing to consider is the reputation of the jeweler. If they have been in business for decades and are a well known establishment in the community and you have heard their name before, these are good signs. Knowing someone who works at or owns the store, as well as knowing someone who has utilized their services are all good things to consider.

~ Guarantee of Gemstones/Diamonds

This works hand in hand with the reputation of the jeweler. If you are entrusting your jewelry with someone you want to have the reassurance that when you pick up your item(s), the diamonds and gemstones are the same ones that are meant to be in the piece. If you are unsure of how to identify your diamond/gemstone, ask the jeweler to point out the unique characteristics of your stones before you leave it for repair. This will not only give you peace of mind but make your stones more precious to you since you will now be aware of their uniqueness.

In-house services~

Jewelry repair is a specialized skill and a master jeweler may be hard to find. Sometimes a jewelry store will mail off their repairs depending on the size of the store. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but make sure you know the contact person of who handles the repairs for the store and inquire about the shipping methods/insurance etc. If you do find a jeweler who does on site repairs this is a huge benefit.

Experience with repairs~

Just like any other item that needs repair you want to make sure you have the right person with the right skill set for the job. You can ask if the jeweler is familiar with the type of repairs that are needed and how long she/he has been doing such repairs.

When you find yourself in need of a jewelry repair, we hope these suggestions will be helpful in selecting the right jeweler. Jewelry is meant to last and be enjoyed but sometimes it does need a little TLC to give it more life to shine and sparkle. If you are looking for custom jewelry repair in Gainesville Florida, contact Oaks Jewelry today!  

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  • Liz Hudson on

    I like the idea of asking your jeweler about the unique characteristics of your stones. My grandmother gave me a beautiful vintage pair of earrings, but one of the prongs is missing. I think I will take it to get cleaned and repaired, and I will be sure to inquire about which kind of stones I have as well.

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