Why Shop with Small Businesses?

We all have our reasons for shopping local and shopping small. Here are just a few that come to mind for us…


They supports local commerce

Not only do small businesses employ your neighbors but small businesses have accounted for 65% of new jobs over the 17 years. Plus small businesses are more likely to keep money in the community by utilizing other local businesses such as banks, local restaurants, service providers, etc. They are more invested in your community and the well being of the citizens that live there.




It’s better for the environment

Small businesses leave a smaller carbon footprint than larger companies.


They support local charities

Small businesses are more likely to contribute to local charities and benefits than larger companies. Whether your kids are trying to sell something to raise money for their safety patrol trip to DC or your local homeless shelter needs funds for a food drive…your local small businesses are the ones that support these causes and more!

It’s good for your health

Let’s face it, shopping at the local mom and pop stores may not be as easy as pressing “submit order” on your Amazon Prime account, however, it is so much better for you to get out and about. Not only are you getting the exercise, you are making emotional connections in a society where people are so lonely. All around a positive experience for your physical and mental health.


They have better customer service

Small businesses depend on you! They care about YOU! They want you to have the absolute best experience so that you will share your experience with others who will be future customers. You matter! You are not just a number or statistic.


You’ll just feel good

People love supporting people! There have been many studies that have shown how giving a gift creates more happiness in your brain that receiving a gift. So just know that when you are shopping at a small business, actual people are doing a happy dance and are able to provide for their families. You are doing so much good!


If you're local, come by and see us today or tomorrow for the perfect gift for mom too! 

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