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Estate Appraisals Gainesville, FL

Your jewelry is a treasure to you, something you truly love and value. And although some pieces of jewelry might seem priceless, all pieces have a monetary value. Through our estate appraisals we are able to tell you what the current worth is of the jewelry you love so much, or pieces you may have received as a gift, inherited, or bought on a whim.

When you work with us through our estate appraisal service you can confirm the value of your jewelry and get documentation that is suitable for banks, estate, and trust departments, attorneys, insurance, and other prices use. Oaks Jewelry Estate Appraisals are conducted by our certified gemologist or appraisal expert, and they will inspect your jewelry, diamonds, and gemstones. This is a simple process and we make sure to go out of our way to provide you the best care when appraising your items.

The process for Estate Appraisals is as follows:

  • Call (352) 332-7529 for an appointment, schedule online, or simply stop by any time.
  • Meet with our jewelry experts.
    • You'll be present for all testing and weighing of your items, and able to ask questions at all times during the evaluation process.
  • Consider keeping or selling the items in your estate with no pressure.
    • Our staff will be able to make an immediate offer to purchase any items you would like to sell.
    • You are under no obligation to make any sales decisions during the appointment.

Due to the sensitivity of estate appraisals, we do not offer them online. We only perform estate appraisals at our Gainesville, FL location on Newberry Road.   

  Estate Appraisals

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